Legal Agreement: Terms of Service


  1. The co-working space can be used by members 24 hours a day/7 days a week. 
  2. Please be respectful of other members, their time, and their property. In case of furniture or property damage arising out of negligence, please arrange a replacement or pay for the damage. 
  3. The temperature of the room should be such that it will suit most users. We try to avoid under-or overheating. Personal space heaters are not permitted.
  4. We are fond of pets, but they can not enter the co-working space.  
  5. If your phone call might disrupt other people using the co-working space, please make your phone call in one of the phone booths. We suggest you put your cell phone on vibrate mode to avoid disturbing others.
  6. Our members are here to get work done. To protect the experience of all members, please keep your conversation in the coworking space or mezzanine desk area quiet. 
  7.  For meetings, please invite your private visitors to the kitchen or porch and your business visitors to the conference or meeting room. Please do not hold meetings in the coworking space or on the mezzanine level.
  8. We will occasionally have private events scheduled in the co-working space. We will do our best to make accommodations in other areas of the building to allow members to continue working.
  9. Switchboard does not allow members or guests to bring firearms into the building at any time. In conformity with Indiana's firearms statute, firearms may be kept locked, in glove compartments, out of site, in our parking lots. 


  1. There are 2 conference rooms available. The furniture in the conference rooms should stay there at all times. 
  2. The conference rooms can be used for business meetings, loud phone calls, private conversations, and Skype conferences. 
  3. To use conference or meeting rooms, please book them through the meeting calendar.


  1. Switchboard has a kitchen which can be used by all co-working, desk and office members. Snacks and coffee on the table are available for you -- please help yourselves. Feel free to store your personal lunch/snacks in the cabinets or refrigerator (don’t eat someone else’s lunch :)  ).
  2. Everyone is responsible for keeping the kitchen clean. Please do your dishes!
  3. Everything will be removed from the refrigerator every Friday at 3:00. If something needs to remain over the weekend, please label it clearly.
  4. Bring a coffee mug to use at work. Feel free to hang it on the rack. If you forget a mug or have a guest, grab an extra from the top of the refrigerator.


  1. All coworking members are responsible for keeping the common rooms clean and tidy, which means that everyone should clean their desk and remove trash when finished working for the day.
  2. Please recycle whenever possible. There’s a recycling bin in the kitchen and a large bin outside in the parking lot.
  3. There are boot scrapers outside at each entrance. Please use them if your shoes are muddy.
  4. Cleaning supplies are located under the kitchen sink and in the IT closet. You are welcome to get them if you need to clean up a mess.
  5. Our cleaning service will clean the space on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and sometime over the weekend. You may see them throughout the building.


  1. Users of the co-working space have free private access to the Switchboard and Switchboard 5G wireless network. The director of the co-working space will give you your personal username and password. This is your private network. Please do not share login information with anyone else.
  2. Your guests can access the Switchboard-Guest network. 


  1. Printing for co-working members is available free of charge. Each tenant can download printer drivers onto their computer, tablet or phone and use the printer for their own purposes. To access the printer, go to which will let you enable or add Papercut Mobility print extensions or apps so that you can print. 
  2. Please be moderate in your copying so that we can continue to keep this as a free perk for everyone. If you are running a large run of copies (over 50), particularly if you are printing in color, please talk to Emily to make arrangements. 
  3. Scanning to email is also available. Enter your email address on the screen to send to yourself. Addresses can be added to the directory for faster future access.
  4. Please try to conserve paper. Print double sided and grey-scale when possible. Scanning is preferable. 
  5. Extra paper is located on the supply shelf. Please load the trays if you notice they are getting low.


  1. Mailboxes/addresses can be purchased by co-working members and are available on a first-come/first-served basis. See the director to reserve one.


  1. Basic office supplies, a first aid kit and ibuprofen are all located in the copier room. Please take what you need in the course of your work.
  2. Cleaning supplies are located in the IT closet. If you make a mess, please clean it up.


  • We occasionally take photos of our space and events  for our website or social media. If you do NOT want your image or likeness published, please let Tina or Emily know. Otherwise, accepting these terms of use permits Switchboard to use your image. 


         1. There is abundant free parking around the building (and in the surrounding neighborhood. We also own the lot to the north of us (across Hoyt street), which is also available for your (or your guests') use.

Thanks for choosing Switchboard! Feel free to contact Emily Vanest ( or (317) 316-4200 if you have questions or need assistance in any way.